Waste Shredder Machine
Easy Mainteance Waste Shredder Machine from China

Different waste ferrous or non-ferrous material is accepted for this waste shredder machine

Waste Shredder Machine

Waste Shredder Machine

We are a good choice for you to choose the waste shredder machine manufacturer in China for your recycling business.
We provide you with the radiator waste shredder machine, aluminum waste shredder machine, motor waste shredder machine,metal chips waste shredder machine and more.

As advanced technology and with nearly 40 experience in machine manufacturing, We provide turn-key solutions from waste shredder machine design to final production. We make sure that we manufacture products to boost your business. meanwhile, Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities allow us to manufacture the highest quality waste shredder machine. Thus, you can assure that Huihe has the full capabilities to meet your requirements.

Vertical Shredder

You can choose our Vertical Hammer Mill Shredder for your industrial radiator or home radiator for your business.

Hammer Mill Shredder Line

Almost suit for all different scrap metal, the output size we can customize for you.

Aluminum Recycling Machine

Our aluminum recycling machine will help you to get clean aluminum,your material can be casting aluminum or the profiles.

Aluminum Motor Crusher

For Aluminum type motor crushing, we provide the full production line until you get clean aluminum.

Metal Scrap Recycling Machine

This Metal Scrap Recycling Machine Has Running 13 years  in our area, click me to know more about this machine.

Cable Granulator

Electric cable wire, copper cable, communication cable, we share you different solutions, you will get clean copper or plastic finally.

Radiator Recycling Machine

Small Sized Radiator Recycling Machine is tested before delivery to our customer site, this machine capacity is about 500-600kgph .

Radiator Separator

Easy Operation Radiator Separator in customer site, this machine only need 7kw/h electricity, and it’s a machine with 200kgph capacity.

Organic Waste Shredder

Organic Waste Shredder in the waste collection yard, they using a complete production line Organic Waste shredding system.

Huihe:Your Reliable Waste Shredder Machine In China

As a professional manufacturer, we aim to provide you with complete support. We have engineers to install your waste shredder machine on-site.

Whether you need a single-shaft waste shredder machine or double-shaft Waste Shredder Machine, Huihe can cover your needs. We offer a diverse range of Waste Shredder Machines, including vertical waste shredder machines, horizontal waste shredder machine, double shaft waste shredder machine, and single shaft waste shredder machine.

For different material, it suitable for different type waste shredder machines, contact me for the suitable solutions of your feeding material.


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  • Aluminum Recycling Machine

    The waste aluminum recycling machine is now installed in a listed company in our city.  and the production capacity is 7-8t per hour.If you need such equipment, please contact me.

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Waste Shredder Machine | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

A waste shredder machine is equipment that is specifically used for the recycling as well as the processing of a particular waste.

The recycling, as well as processing of wastes through a waste shredder machine, is done to sort out the usable and unusable material.

This sorting out process can help the factories which products to sell and which products to reuse in their manufacturing factories.

A waste shredder machine reduces the size of your waste material and is broadly used to scrap yards.

In this article, you will learn a lot about a waste shredder machine.
Waste Shredder Machine

1.What Is A Waste Shredder Machine?

A waste shredder machine assists you to recycle as well as processing solid wastes. It also help you to reduce different wastes in terms of size, dimensions, shape, weight to uniform shape as well as size. This process takes place to efficiently process the recycling of solid wastes.

The main purpose of a waste shredder machine is the treatment of any type of solid waste.

You can reduce the volume of bulky waste with the help of a waste shredder machine.

A waste shredder machine can be used to process and recycle construction waste, industrial waste, municipal solid waste, biomass waste.

A waste shredder machine has further two types; fine shredders(also called hammer mill shredders or vertical shredders) and pre-shredder or double shaft shredder.

This articles mainly refers to the double shaft shredder.

Waste Shredder Machine

2. How Does A Waste Shredder Machine Work?

A waste shredder machine works to shred organic as well as commercial and domestic waste.

The working principle of this machine can be understood based on the structure of a waste shredder machine.
Waste Shredder Machine

From the waste shredder machine manufacturer, we designed it with the following components :

1.Frame; this is used to support the whole waste shredder machine.

It is also known as a supporting member for the shaft. the frame can be bigger as you wish or it’s can be a normal design from us.

2 Key shaft with blade: this part is the main part of the waste shredder machine. it’s used for processing and shredding your feeding material, the output material length and width is decided by these parts also, and it’s also can be customized part.

3.Electric motor; It connects to worm gear or any type of gear that reduces the speed of the main shaft.

4 Gearbox: it’s used to connect item 3, the motors, to reduce the speed of the main shaft.

5.Upper/Feeding Hopper; it’s just a hopper to hold the feeding material.

Now let’s talk about the working process of the waste shredder machine.

The waste is put to the blade frame where it is processed.

The shredding action takes place between the blades of two shafts operating in opposite directions.

Waste Shredder Machine

3.How Do You Use A Waste Shredder Machine?

You can use a waste shredder machine for the purpose of recycling and processing the waste material from various sources.it can be construction wastes, biomass wastes, domestic or municipal waste as well as commercial wastes.

You just have to collect the waste that you are intending to process or recycle.

Once you are done with collecting the particular waste that needs to be processed, you have to set up a waste shredder machine.

Now you have to put an appropriate amount of the waste slowly into a waste shredder machine.

You can see how the blades are smoothly cutting the waste material in a waste shredder machine and then drop out of the shredder machine, then you will get your wished material size.

4.Why Do You Need A Waste Shredder Machine?

There are a lot of reasons to need a waste shredder machine in the modern world.

The most important two useful reasons are described as under :

1.it can help you to reduce the size of a particular waste.

It can be a great help to transport waste because of the reduced size as well as the weight of the particular waste.

2.The second useful reason for needing a waste shredder machine is that it can help to sort the waste material easily once its bulky volume is reduced to a lower volume as well as weight.

Sorting the waste material can be a greater help towards recycling the waste material.

The most important thing to note is that you may be needing different kinds of waste shredders based on the waste that needs to be recycled or processed.

There can be various types of waste shredders for different waste products but the purpose of all types is the same; processing and recycling waste.

5.How Much Does A Waste Shredder Machine Cost?

The cost of your waste shredder may vary depending upon so many factors.

The most important point to note is that the cost also varies depending upon the type of waste as different kinds of wastes require different kinds of waste shredders.

The average price of your waste shredder machine may vary between a range of $20,000 to $400,000.

The other factors that can affect the price of your waste shredder machine can be :

1. Driving Mechanism

2. Size of shredders

3. Capacity of waste shredders

4. Power of waste shredders

5. Type of the waste that you are intending to use in your waste shredder machine.

It varies in a way that the larger the power as well as capacity higher will be the price of your waste shredder machine.

A good manufacturer sells a good quality product and so is the case with the price of a good quality waste shredder machine.

Waste Shredder Machine

6.How Do Huihe Inspect The Waste Shredder Machine?

As a waste shredder machine manufacturer, we have hired a large number of experts and engineers to inspect your waste shredder machine in our giant factory.

At first, manufacturers of your waste shredder will check it completely to see if any part or service is missing or not.

Secondly, it will be inspected by running it for a particular time period to check if it works properly.

A waste shredder machine is inspected in a way that we run it continuously for eight hours with your waste materials.

If your waste shredder machine doesn’t cause any harm or imperfection in shredding the waste material while it is running it means that it is totally perfect without any defects.

Huihe is responsible for providing the best services through their best products to make sure that no defect occurs from their side.
Waste Shredder Machine

7. What Are The Different Kinds Of Waste Shredder Machines?

The different kinds of waste shredder machines can be different based on the type of waste that these machines aim to shred.

It can also vary with the quality as well as the size of your waste shredder machine.

There can be different kinds of waste shredder machines but the purpose of each machine is to minimize accidents and maximize efficiency as well as performance.

Waste shredder machines can be differentiated based on the following given properties :

  • High torque
  • Low Torque
  • High-speed
  • Low-speed

You can send us your details material, then our engineer team will suggest you a best solution accordingly.
Waste Shredder Machine

8.Which Elements Are Suitable For A Waste Shredder Machine?

Waste shredder machines are manufactured for different kinds of wastes.

Therefore, various kinds of elements can be suitable for a waste shredder machine.

It should be kept in mind that a waste shredder machine is manufactured according to the requirements of waste ; which kind of waste a customer is intending to shred through a waste shredder machine.

If you are intending to order a waste shredder machine, you should tell the manufacturer about the type of waste that you are intending to shred.

There are the following few examples of elements that can be suitable for a waste shredder machine.

1 Paper material

2 Wood Material

3 Industrial Material

If you are intending to process or recycle wastes other than these materials, you should inform the manufacturer while you are placing an order for your perfect waste shredder machine.

9.How Much Electricity Does A Waste Shredder Machine Use?

The electricity usage of a waste shredder machine depends upon various factors.

These factors can be :

1 Size of your waste shredder machine

2 Power consumption of your waste shredder machine.

3 Number of motors in a waste shredder machine.

4 Workload of a waste shredder machine

5 Time of running a waste shredder machine.

If you have been putting a larger load on your waste shredder machine and running it for a longer period of time, it will automatically consume a larger amount of electricity.

Waste Shredder Machine

10.What Are Waste Shredder Machine Blades Manufactured Of?

Waste shredder blades are the main component for processing as well as recycling of the waste.
Therefore, a waste shredder blade should be working perfectly without any fault.This shredder machine are composed of various materials depending upon the type of your waste shredder machine as well as the type of waste that you are introducing into your waste shredder machine.
Here are few materials which help you to manufacture the blades of your waste shredder machine :
1.Tool Steel
2.Carburizing Steel
5.Manganese low alloy steels
6.Hardox or Equivalent steels
From our factory, we generally using 9crsi、Cr12MoV、SKD-11, H13, For manufacturing your shredder machine.
Depending on different feeding waste materials and your budget, we will choose the most suitable blade for you.

11.Why Are Waste Shredder Machines Broadly Used In Scrap Yards?

Scrap Yards are places of a business where processing or recycling of wastes from different sources may take place.

The usable parts are sold further for business profit while the other parts are being processed through shredders or machines to bring them into shape for useful purposes.

The unusable may also be sold to other recycling or processing companies for the renewal of the waste products.

Waste shredder machines are widely used in scrap yards due to one main reason:for sorting the waste materials from each other.

By using a waste shredder machine, one can easily sort out the usable as well as unusable products.

After sorting out the waste products, one can easily understand which materials to sell further and which materials to send to the recycling companies for further renewal of the products.
Scrap Hammer Mill Line Waste Shredder Machine

12.What Safety Features Does The Huihe Waste Shredder Machine Have?

Safety has been a priority for all fast-growing businesses worldwide and the same is the case with Huihe company.

Huihe waste shredder machines are designed with full responsibility.We take the responsibility to design the safest waste shredder machines in a way that can be useful to their customers.We have own guidelines as well as the safety measures or features to keep its users safe from any kind of harm through its waste shredder machine.

Many safety features are introduced into the shredding technology by the skilled workers and engineers of Huihe.

While running your waste shredding machine, you should keep in mind the following guidelines for safety purposes:

  1. Work with cleanliness to avoid any kind of defects in the machine.
  2. Preferring to work with a slow speed of the shaft, it will produce slow but more efficient results.
  3. Before starting the electric motor of your waste shredder machine, learn to know each and every function and control panel to avoid big problems later.
  4. Choose a good opration running partner while you start shredding the material. The partner should be a well aware person to the waste shredding machines.

13.What’s The Difference Between A Waste Shredder Machine And A Waste Shredder Hammer Machine?

The difference between a waste shredder machine and a waste shredder hammer machine is obvious from the names of these machines.

In a waste shredder machine, the waste is processed through the help of blades that are equipped on the shaft of the waste shredder machine.

On the other hand, a waste shredder hammer machine is used for the shredding of waste materials through the help of small hammers.In a waste shredder hammer machine, little hammers are equipped on the rotating shaft inside the machine.

These little hammers are allowed to swing freely.

A waste shredder hammer machine is larger in size as compared to a waste shredder machine.

Repeated blows of little hammers take place in order to crush the waste materials in a waste shredder hammer machine.
See the design inside of hammer  shredder and waste shredder machine as below

And see the output difference from waste shredder machine and hammer mill shredder

14.What Is The Certificate Of A Waste Shredder Machine?

Huihe possesses a giant manufacturing factory under the supervision of skilled workers as well as talented engineers.

We will send you the best product within very affordable budgets.

and we are  available for his customers 24/7 to serve them with the best services possible.

All these best qualities and services have made Huihe to pass certificates of excellence in his work.

We consists of more than twenty international as well as domestic patents and SGS, ISO, and CE certificates,It is because of the super quality of Huihe products.

As the waste shredder machine manufacturer, we guarantee you the best quality of the product in a perfect and standard manufacturing factory.

All these factors are making Huihe successful with the passage of time.
Certificate of scrap metal shredder

15.What Are Import Tariffs On Waste Shredder Machines?

There are various kinds of import tariffs on the waste shredder machines.

All of these import tariffs depend upon the capacity, size, working mechanism, shape, power, purchase price as well as so many other features.

It is very interesting to note that the import tariffs on any product can vary from time to time and countries to countries.

Huihe manufactures its products with a specific HS code.

When the order will be prepared for you, you will be provided a unique HS code for your waste shredder machine.

This HS code will be further given to your government in order to get the exact import fee.

Huihe has a huge experience in exporting its precious products to over 65 countries.

This is why Huihe is able to help with all problems related to importing as well as exporting of your waste shredder machine.

16.Why Do Our Waste Shredder Machines Value Such A Price?

Huihe waste shredder machines possess high quality under a budget friendly prices for their customers.

This is because of the fact that Huihe waste shredder machines are manufactured under talented engineers and through scarp hence reducing the cost of production as well as selling.

The normal price of a Huihe waste shredder machine ranges between $20,000 to half a million.

You should be thinking about why waste shredder machines possess such a high cost.

Therefore you must be aware of the qualities possessed by a waste shredder machine :

  1. Easy to use
  2. Easy to maintain
  3. Adjustable speed of machines
  4. Easily replaceable parts
  5. Adjustable size according to customer requirements
  6. Consists of four safety system to avoid any harmful effects
  7. Highly durable
  8. Ability to shred any kind of material
  9. Manufactured in a giant factory under the supervision of engineers
  10. Passed CE certificates
  11. Huihe customers can get help from Huihe 24/7 without any problem

17.How Do You Pack A Waste Shredder Machine When Delivered?

Delivering the product in the best and authentic packing in a way that can bring you the waste shredder machine safely, is our top priority after we prepare the order.

According to recent research , it has been noticed that there are three billion packages damaged worldwide while delivering the product from manufacturer to the customer.

We know that you must be worried about the damage of your waste shredder machine but don’t worry as we are here to bring you our best services :

Huihe follows these given rules while packing of your waste shredder machine;

  • Huihe packs all the parts separately so that it could avoid any damage to the product on the way.
  • The waste shredder machine is packed in a plastic package
  • Other vital elements such as motors are put effectively in wooden cases
  • Rest of the components are carefully grasped with an iron wire in a specific container.


18.Can You Customize Your Own Waste Shredder Machine?

Yes. It is quite easy for us to customize your waste shredder machine according to your choices.

It is because we have a team of skilled workers as well as engineers who work with full responsibility to customize an efficient and productive waste shredder machine for you.

You can customize you machine in terms of various factors which are given as under :

  1. System
  2. Shaft number
  3. Driving Mechanism
  4. Capacity
  5. Shape
  6. Size
  7. Power
  8. Kind of Material
  9. Environment
  10. Voltage
  11. Any Additional Machine.

Size of waste shredder machine

19.How To Order A Huihe Waste Shredder Machine At The Best Price?

All Huihe waste shredder machines are manufactured under the supervision of skilled workers as well as engineers in well-equipped and giant manufacturing factories..

Huihe offers you a very friendly and affordable budget for your waste shredder machines.

Huihe offers you a high-quality product at very affordable prices.

One of the best things about Huihe machines is that these machines are manufactured from scraps, hence reducing the cost of production.

Huihe sells its waste shredder machines at wholesale prices.

You can send us a quote in order to get your perfect and budget-friendly waste shredder machine :

  • Type of material that you are intending to shred?
  • The expected size of your output materials?
  • Required voltage?
  • Capacity per hour?
  • Whole budget?

Once we get your details, we will take them into consideration and will respond back to you as soon as possible.
Customer Visiting

Final Conclusion:

Waste shredder machine is the most popular type of machine for your recycling business for any type of waste.

Ready to add a waste shredder machine to your recycling business?
Contact our sales engineers to discuss your project, and we’ll show you why we would be your first choice when looking for waste shredder machine manufacturers.

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