Waste Shredder
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Waste Shredder

Waste Shredder

Huihe is a reliable waste shredder manufacturer and design expert in China.
Our comprehensive waste shredder line is perfect for different recycling applications. Ideal use in the medical environment, hospitals, households, ferrous, non-ferrous waste, MSW, RDF, Plastic Drum, and Glass.Etc

Since our factory began in 1985, we have years of dedication to manufacturing, research, and rapid development of any recycling equipment, such as hammer waste shredders, double shaft waste shredders, Radiator waste shredder, Etc.
We Trust our capabilities in the industry and swear to give you 100% satisfaction!


Huihe carries a complete Scrap Waste Shredder line to fit your applications. Easily adaptable and flexible to waste shredding applications.

MSW Shredde

If your projects require an adaptable and flexible MSW water shredder machine, the Huihe MSW Waste Shredder is perfect for you. It has a top-class quality for all your MSW Waste.

Small Industrial Shredder Equipment

Huihe offers different high-class disposal units, including Small Industrial Shredder for agricultural waste or plastic Drum. It is cost-effective and energy-efficient.

Organic Waste Shredder Equipment

We can customize the output size for Organic Waste Shredder based on your specifications. Commonly applicable in the government recycling business.

MSW Industrial Metal Shredder

Our Metal Shredder features low noise, low speed, and ample torque. Standard designs are accessible, and also custom models based on your needs.

Recycling Shredder

Customized solutions for Waste Recycling Shredder are accessible at more competitive prices. It offers stable quality, performance, and reliable quality.

Car Shredder

Waste Car Shredder is applicable in the industry of all different sizes of scrap car recycling yards, it’s suitable for all bulk and loose scrap metal.

SCL600 Hammermill Shredder

The Hammermill Shredder can shred all kinds of scrap metal or hard plastic,or any ferrous material waste. It has reliable quality and good shred performance.

Aluminum Recycling Machine

Huihe is capable of meeting your small to large orders. Waste ALuminum Recycling Machine is a versatile machine where reasonable size variation is acceptable.

Huihe: Your Trusted Waste Shredder Machine In China

From 1985, Huihe has earned 30+ years in manufacturing different non-ferrous and ferrous metal recycling equipment, including waste shredder machines. We are your best choice to custom your waste shredder orders. We need your specific technical requirements before we start the mass production.

As your premier, no.1 waste shredder manufacturer and designer, we can offer low-speed yet heavy-duty waste shredder machines. Our total solutions are ideal for your starting scrap business or projects. Huihe is your perfect place to get the best quality waste shredder machines.

Don`t hesitate to send us your product requirements right away!


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  • Roof Tiles Metal Crushing Line

    We have sold our Radiator Separator to more than 65 countries worldwide—the ideal machine for shredding your waste radiator.

  • Scrap Aluminum Shredder Waste Recycling Line

    Offers high toughness in crushing or shredding different materials. Scrap aluminum shredder waste recycling line also provides safety performance.

  • Single Shaft Shredder

    We can customize the machine size depending on your applications and requirements. Single-shaft shredder lines are easy and safe to operate, with high torque and low noise.

  • Shear Shredder

    Our waste-to-energy Shear Shredder line is composed of superior quality materials—a perfect machine for shredding various wastes.

Waste Shredder – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

A waste shredder is a helpful machine to decrease the sizes of multiple waste kinds like Scrap Metal, biomass, construction, and other materials. Also, the machines are durable and long-lasting. They have simple and perfect applications that make work easier.

The best thing about these shredder machines is that they are reliable with perfect connection, low maintenance price, and easy installation procedures.

With this article, you will understand all the necessary information needed. It will focus on the most frequently asked questions about waste shredder machines. The details here are perfect, valuable, and brilliant for those in need of a waste shredder machine for businesses and other concrete reasons.
Waste Shredder

1. What Is The Waste Shredder?

A waste shredder is a machine utilized in waste materials by decreasing, reusing, and processing waste implementations into something productive. It is manufactured in supreme quality and can shred different pieces of stuff.

These materials can differ in weight, dimension, type, or design, but they are in uniform shape or size when shredded. It makes waste more efficient and easy to process, keep and transport. Also, they are affordable and available in stationary and mobile versions.

In addition, waste shredder machines minimize different kinds of stuff from different areas such as industries. They make these waste materials into constructive and valuable substances such as tables, metals, and others.

However, a waste shredder has different application methods that process unwanted pieces of stuff. These implementations are like refuse-derived fuel and biomass production procedures. They enable a more straightforward way of shredding metals, house-building wastes, woods, plastics, and other non-valuable waste.

2. What Is The Waste Shredder Used?

A waste shredder has various uses depending on waste materials (plastics, woods, and scrap/RDF). They are commonly used to cut and diminish waste objects or materials to something constructive and productive. It means that these machines can also be used for job opportunities and business purposes.

These waste shredder machines are other shredders that give perfect outcome products. As much as they reduce bulk waste like demolitions, they simultaneously create space. It makes it a valuable machine for various wastes; it is available too in customized features that better its usability.

Other than that, there are multiple uses for waste shredder machines. They include the following:

  • Reducing bulky waste like bumpers, paper materials, refrigerators, etc.
  • Shredding materials such as municipal solids, plastics, aluminum, and others
  • Recycling unwanted staff or materials to create an authentic substance like a drawer from waste woods
  • Waste shredder machines are utilized to make investments and create job employment
  • Easing hard chores to simplicity; shredding scraps and RDFs

Material suitable for waste shredder

3. What Is The Output Looks Like From Waste Shredder?

According to the different materials entering the waste shredder and the different discharge materials required by customers, the output material is a little different, generally it’s in the long pieces like below:


4 What’s the Capacity You Have Of The Waste Shredder?

According to the different types products of waste materials, the production capacity is also different.
According to the waste shredder, the thickness and length of the blade are different, and the production capacity is also different.
The following production type and capacity is based on ordinary scrap steel and 75mm blade

Model DS 61180 DS 61210 DS 61250 DS 46120 DS 46150
Machine size(mm) 4620*1080*1500 4670*2730*1500 5200*3400*3400 5520*2000*2730 5880*2000*2730
Blade rotation dia. Φ800 Φ800 Φ800 Φ580 Φ580
Main shaft speed(rpm) 7.5 7.5 7.5 11 13
Rotor blade


24 28 33 20 26
Blade thickness(mm) 75 75 75 60 60
Machine power(kw) 55+55 55+55 90+90 75+75 90+90

5. How Does A Waste Shredder Works?

Waste shredding machines are used basically for physical enrichments. It can feed pieces of kinds of stuff straightly to the waste shredder machine without delays or any pre-separation. It is also used in the electronic waste recycling industry since it does not need other methods in feeding the unwanted materials straightly to the machine.

The machines have the best features that enable waste shredders to be reliable, having low noise, low maintenance costs, and excellent speed rotation.Waste Shredder

6. How To Buy Waste Shredder From China?

Buying waste shredders from China manufacturers is not a worrying thing because it is very convenient and straightforward.you can contact with the supplier directly,we will tell you how to do step by step.
You can also request your customization for your waste shredder machine ideas that perhaps go in handy with your expectations.

Waste Shredder
7 How do you deliver the waste shredder?

Our smallest model of waste shredder is about two tons, Therefore, we usually use the shipping method of shipping.  Shipping times will vary depending on the country is located in, For example,
Southeast Asia will arrive in about 15 days.
Africa will arrive in about 45 days.
The Americas will arrive within 40-60 business days.
The  European countries are about 35 working days.
Delivery of waste shredder

8 What more waste shredder machines do we provide?

As the waste shredder manufacturer, we have much more different waste shredder machines.

If you want to shred and recycle the radiator, please check here.
Aluminum, Please check here.
Different Waste Shredder For You
Anyway, as the waste shredder manufacturer, we have many different type and model of the waste shredder for your recycling yard, you can choose one according to your raw material, and your site dimension to choose the right one

For more information about your coming waste shredder, we welcome your contact.

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