What Is A Metal Shredder ?Do You Need One Set?

First of all, Let me tell you what is scrap metal? Scrap metal refers to metal fragments and scraps discarded by your local or globe metallurgical industry and metal processing industry, And containing some discarded metal containers from your home, after all, The replacement of new and old metal products is inevitable during the use of metal products, etc. It also includes metal packaging containers and metal objects such as scrap vehicles recovered from urban garbage.Scrap Metal

Scrap metal is a kind of resource, All the countries in the world are in the business of recycling waste metals, Maybe you are the next one to run the scrap metal recycling business.The recycled scrap metal is mainly used for re-furnace smelting and converted into recycled metal, and part of it is used to produce machinery and equipment or parts, tools, and civil appliances.

Due to the corrosion, damage, and natural elimination of metal products, a large amount of scrap metal is produced every year. If these scrap metals are discarded at will, it will not only cause environmental pollution but also waste limited metal resources. Thus the recycling machine industry is coming.

Could the Metal Shredder Machine help you to reduce environmental pollution and sell higher money? here is what you need to know about them.

Scrap Metal
Output From Scrap Metal Shredder-Clean and high density before shredding and recycling.
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What is The Metal Shredder Machine?

A metal shredder machine also called the Metal Shredder Machine or the scrap metal hammer mill. HERE WE USING THE METAL SHREDDER Machine AS AN EXAMPLE.this is a machine consist of the motor, Strong shaft, blade, reducer, and key structure.

This Metal Shredder Machine is a machine used for coarse shredding. It is generally used to process unprocessed raw materials or leftovers to make it into a smaller size. A typical example is to shred a Metal drum or car shell and use the shredded metal raw material to melt and make that into Billet, then use this type of material to make the new goods such as your car, your using working tools, or any type metal cans, bottles,etc.
Metal Shredder

The applications of Metal Shredder Machine generally include:

1 Waste car body(except engine, gear, tire), recommend cut the car 80*80cm around size to guarantee capacity.

2 Tinplate(pop-top can)

3 Home appliance (remove motor, Compressor,shaft)

4 Bicycle, track’s guard railing, and other similar daily metal waste

5 Empty can.

6 Other metal scraps(density not thick than 0.65 ton/m 3)

7 Steel plate and structure with thickness not beyond 6 mm

This Metal Shredder Machine is always matched a metal densifier to get higher-end products. Meanwhile, this Metal Shredder Machine also a multifunctional one, it’s also suited for the following material range:

  • Shred organic matter to make biofuels.
  • Shred some textile materials to facilitate fiber reuse, such as smashing carpets.
  • Shred some rubber material to make the raw material for making new tyres.
  • Shred some cables to get clean copper or plastic or aluminum for making new cables.

Out side Of MetalShredder (8)

How Can A Metal Shredder Machine Help You During You Do The Recycling Business?

Metal Shredder Machine can help increase the end product density, reduce the melting time and remove the paint during the recycling processing, this is to say, during the meeting, you don’t need add any chemicals to remove the paint or cost you much time during melting. most important, If you don’t have a smelter yourself when you sell the crushed scrap metal, your price will be 1 / 5-1/6 higher than the original bulk scrap metal price.

If you want to achieve the above standards, you need to configure the whole production line instead of a single machine. The whole production line also contains dust collectors, This kind of dust collector can help you reduce the dust in the crushing recycling process, So in the process of shredding, you don’t have to worry about environmental pollution.

Types Of Metal Shredder Machine  

The traditional Metal Shredder Machine includes two types, the first is a pre-shredder, the second is a metal crusher(also called a metal hammer mill). Now many countries in the world are selling this kind of crusher and shredder, especially in Europe and America. in this articles, we mainly refers a preshredder,

The main components of a metal shredder are a cutter, spindle, reducer, motor, etc.

The main component of the crusher is the hammer, hammer disk, spindle motor, etc

With the progress of technology, our company developed the Vertical metal shredder machine in 2012,This is the first vertical hammer mill in China.

According to your material, you can choose different types of metal crushing and recycling equipment, In order to ensure that you get the highest recovery rate of scrap metal, and sell the highest price.

Metal shredder

Do you Need A Metal Shredder Machine?

If you want to reduce transportation costs, want to get the highest price, And want to contribute to environmental protection, the answer is obvious: you have to get a metal shredder machine.

metal Shredder Aim

A senior in the scrap metal industry once pointed out, estimated that recycling an abandoned aluminum can save 20% of the money than making a new can, and it can also save 90%-97% of energy. Recycling 1 ton of scrap steel can produce 0.9 tons of good steel, which can save 47% of the cost compared with smelting with ore while reducing air pollution, water pollution, and solid waste. It can be seen that establishing the concept of sustainable development, strengthening the classification and treatment of garbage, and recovering and recycling scrap metals have huge economic and social benefits.

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