Why you need a brass shredder?

Recently, our workshop has been testing a 10-ton load of scrap brass materials using a vertical shredder, the brass material is provided by our regular customer in China. The shredder used in the test is a 315kw vertical crusher.The reason for the test is to separate iron from the scrap brass and then use a Trommel to screen out various sizes of particles,(The various size generally 50mm above,20mm above and 5mm below depending) which will then be sent to an eddy current separator to separate plastics and non-ferrous metals.
Brass Shredder Recycling

Scrap brass is a valuable resource that can be recycled and reused. However, before it’s recycled, it needs to be processed to remove impurities and separate different types of metals. In order to achieve this, advanced shredding and separation equipment is needed.

Brass Shredder

The vertical shredder used in this test is a powerful and efficient machine that is capable of crushing large amounts of material quickly. The shredder’s high-speed rotating hammer ensures that the material is pulverized into smaller pieces. meanwhile, this machine is not only suitable for brass, it’s also suitable for other materials such as a radiator, UBC, waste aluminum(cast aluminum, aluminum profiles),iron slag, car shell ,etc. This vertical shredder is free-screen design,thus you can choose the suitable material output size depending on our local market.

The testing of the vertical shredder and the other equipment used in the workshop demonstrates a commitment to increasing efficiency and reducing waste. By separating and processing scrap brass in this way, the workshop will be able to maximize the amount of material that can be recycled. In addition, separating different types of metals makes it easier to sell the material to buyers who are looking for specific types of metal.

From Above ,you can easily to know why you need a brass shredder.

1. High efficiency: The brass vertical shredder uses a powerful motor and high-quality hammers to crush brass materials quickly and efficiently. This saves you time and ensures that your production process runs smoothly.

2. High reliability:  brass vertical shredder is made of high-quality materials and has been rigorously tested to ensure that it is durable and reliable. You can be confident that it will perform well even under the most demanding conditions.

3. Easy to use: The brass vertical shredder s designed to be easy to use, with simple controls and a user-friendly interface. This makes it easy to operate and maintain, even for novices.

4. Low maintenance: brass shredder is designed to require minimal maintenance. Its robust construction and high-quality materials ensure that it can withstand the rigors of heavy use without breaking down or requiring frequent repairs.

5. Cost-effective: Brass Shredder is an affordable solution that offers excellent value for money. Its high efficiency and reliability ensure that it can help you reduce your operating costs while improving your production efficiency.

Brass Shredder Recycling

In conclusion, the testing of the vertical shredder and other equipment used in the workshop represents an investment in sustainable practices and reducing waste. By processing scrap brass in this manner, the workshop will be able to extract the maximum value from the material, while also doing its part to promote environmental responsibility.

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